EMN Study “Migratory Pathways for Start-UPs in EU”, January 2020

  Over half of the EU Member States consider that attracting and retaining innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups from countries outside the EU will promote a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. What are the main pull factors and requirements for foreign start-up founders and employees? A new study from the European Migration Network reveals good practices and challenges [...]


EMN Study “Beneficiaries of International Protection Travelling”, November 2019

Beneficiaries of international protection (BIPs) in EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland sometimes travel back to their countries of origin or enter into contact with the national authorities of these countries. Whilst BIPs are free to move to other countries, including to and from their country of origin, such circumstances are not without consequences for [...]


EMN Study “Impact of Visa Liberalisation on EU”, March 2019

Visa liberalisation is one of the EU’s most powerful tools in facilitating people-to-people contacts and strengthening ties between the nationals of third countries and the EU. It fosters mobility, improves regional cooperation between individual countries and creates more open societies. But what has been the impact of visa liberalisation on EU Member States and Norway, [...]


EMN Study “Labour Market Integration”, February 2019

The effective integration of first generation migrants from third countries into European host societies is a important and increasingly pressing challenge now faced by EU Member States. While overall unemployment rates in the EU have been decreasing steadily since 2014, there remains a persistent gap between the unemployment rate of nationals from third-countries when compared [...]


EMN Study “Approaches to Unaccompanied Minors Following Status Determination in the EU plus Norway”, August 2018

This Synthesis Report presents the main findings of the 2017 EMN Study Approaches to Unaccompanied Minors Following Status Determination in the EU plus Norway. The study covers the period 2014-2017, thereby following up on previous EMN research on unaccompanied minors. It may serve to inform further the approaches of EU Member States plus Norway to [...]


EMN Study »The effectiveness of return in EU Member States: challenges and good practices linked to EU rules and standards«, February 2018.

The return of illegally-staying third-country nationals is one of the main pillars of the EU’s policy on migration and asylum. However, recent Eurostat data show that return rates at EU level have not improved despite the important increase in the number of rejected asylum applications and in the number of return decisions issued since 2014. [...]


EMN Study “Challenges and practices for establishing the identity of third country nationals in migration procedures”, January 2018

The aim of this Study is to present an overview of the challenges faced by national authorities in their efforts to reliably establish and verify the identity of third-country nationals within the context of various migration procedures – asylum procedures, return procedures and legal migration channels (including both short-stay and long-stay visas and residence permits) [...]


EMN Policy brief on migrants’ movements through the Mediterranean, December 2017

EMN Policy brief on migrants’ movements through the Mediterranean, December 2017 The EMN published the first version of this Policy Brief in December 2015 when European countries around the Mediterranean were facing a significant influx of persons. Large numbers of asylum seekers, migrants and displaced persons arrived by sea and land at the external borders [...]