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Tasks of EMN NCPs

By virtue of the Council Decision establishing the European Migration Network (2008/381/ES) national contact points have to perform the EMN tasks on the national level, in particular:

• to provide national reports on the situation in the field of migration and asylum including statistical data, policy development, analysis of current developments and patterns of migration phenomena;
• to perform within the EMN multi-annual programme all the activities and other priorities that have been previously approved by the Steering Board;
• in line with common specifications they prepare researches or studies on the national level on particular issues related to migration and asylum;
• to contribute information which is used to prepare common reports that include the entire EU, neighbouring regions and individual third countries to the system of rapid information exchange, the so called “Ad Hoc Query, used by national contact points and European Commission;
• to develop the ability for a rapid response to a request, or “Ad Hoc Query” by national contact points and European Commission concerning different institutional, systemic and legislative issues as well as practices in the field of migrations and asylum;
• to establish the national migration network compose of organisations and individuals working in the area of migration and asylum with the purpose of cooperation in preparing different national documents, information and analyses.