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EMN Steering Board

European Migration Network is directed by the Steering Board composed of the representative of each Member State, European Commission and a representative of the European Parliament as an observer. If appropriate, the representatives of other EU institutions or EMN Partners are invited as observers at the meetings of the Steering Board.

The main tasks of the Steering Board are:
• it contributes proposals and guidelines for devising the multi-annual European Migration network programme;
• it approves the multi-annual European Migration Network programme and eventual modifications tot he programme;
• it approves European funds for the operation of the European Migration Network in the form of a common budget amount for the period defined in the multi-annual programme that contains the amount of funds for each and every national contact point as well as the amount of funds for the operation of the EMN Support Service;
• it reviews the progress and if appropriate prepares recommendations for urgent measures;
• at least once a year it provides a report to the European Parliament, EU Council, European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee and European Committee of Regions on the situation and accomplished tasks as well as on main conclusions in its studies and reports;
• it defines the most suitable strategic relations for the cooperation with other entities responsible for migrations and asylum. If appropriate in approves the procedural arrangement for such cooperation;
• it provides advice for national contact points on how to improve their operation and offers support in adopting the necessary measures when eventual detected flaws might have a negative impact on the operation of European Migration Network and EU.