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NCP Slovenia

Under the Decision of the Council establishing the European Migration Network (2008/381/ES) the Member States have the duty to designate an entity which operates as the national contact point and has the expertise in the field of migration and asylum as well as the ability of having a comprehensive insight into migration issues, such as the ability of designing policies, legislation, collecting statistics, analysing data and samples as well as the latest migration trends, including the knowledge about information technology.

The Slovenian National Contact Point includes ten experts from different ministries responsible for migration, namely the Ministry of the Interior and Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. In Slovenia the entity responsible for the operation of the National Contact Point is the Ministry of the Interior. Under the Decision establishing the European Migration Network (2008/381/ES) and EMN working programme, as well as in cooperation with other Member States’ national contact points, the Slovenian NCP participates in EMN activities and other tasks, such as the preparation of national studies, information leaflets and other EMN documents. The majority of EMN documents are available on the formal European Migration Network website and under the domain Home.