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Funding EMN within AMIF

The funding of the European Migration Network and national contact points operates under the co-funding principle largely provided by the European Commission based upon the Council Decision establishing the European Migration network (2008/381/ES). For the operation of the European Migration network and its national contact points, the European Commission has to provide each year the European resources out of which up to 95% of all legitimate costs can be covered whereas the remaining part has to be covered by the individual Member State. The distribution key is determined by the European Commission based upon the working plan of Member State’s activities which has to be coordinated with the two-year European Migration Network plan, as well as based upon the consideration of other criteria such as different meaning of migration and asylum problems in an individual Member State, number of inhabitants and average salary in the country. The control over the use of European resources for the performance of tasks and activities of national contact points is carried out under the so called financial report that has to be submitted by the national contact point at the end of the current year and is approved by the European Commission.

Following the adoption of the EU Financial Framework 2014-2020 and the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council establishing the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund, AMIF (2011/751/ES) the funding of the European Migration network was transferred under the auspices of AMIF Fund but as an independent part which means that the European Commission continues to provide the European Migration Network and its national contact points with all the necessary financial support for their operation as well as further development and that “…the operation of the European Migration network continues in the form of the Union’s Advisory Council on migration and asylum….with the purpose of meeting the needs of the Union’s institutions and Member States for the information of migration and asylum…and the support in devising the European Union policies in these areas”.

For more information on the funding of the European Migration network activities, see Asylum Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020 (AMIF).