At the Community level, European Commission, assisted by service provider, coordinates EMN activities. Additionally, representative of Commission acts as a chair of the Steering Board, which provides strategic guidance for the EMN. Organizationally, EMN falls within Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs, Directorate F – Audit & Situational Awareness.

With the aim of providing up-to-date, objective, comparable policy-relevant information and knowledge on emerging issues relating to asylum and migration in Europe, EMN prepares following outputs:

EMN studies, which are prepared through comparative analysis of member states. Studies cover main trends, practices and legislative analysis of specific migration thematic.

EMN Informs that present results of analysis obtained through various EMN documents (e.g. Ad hoc Queries).

EMN Bulletins where quarterly reports on progress in EU as well as on national level are presented.

Annual Report on migration and Asylum which analyses legislative novelties policy progress and public debates in member states. Statistical report is presented as annex.

Ad Hoc Query analysis.

All EMN Publications are regularly published on Commission’s EMN website as well as on national website.