//Composition of the EMN
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Composition of the EMN

After the adoption of the Council Decision establishing the European Migration Network (2008/381/ES) the cooperation of Member States in the European Migration network became mandatory.

The European Migration Network is composed of:

i.) The European Commission which coordinates the work of the European Migration network and ensures that the Union’s political priorities in the field of migration and international protection are duly reflected. The assistance and support to the European Commission and the European Migration network through a public tender is also provided by the selected company, i.e. Support Service which is currently ICF;

ii.) The Steering Board is composed of the EU Member States, Norway and the European Commission;

iii.) National Contact Points are composed of Member States (except Denmark) and Norway as an associated member. Every national contact point is appointed by the institution responsible for migration and asylum in a Member State. NCPs are largely represented by different experts or professionals and policy makers from ministries responsible for internal affairs and justice or special government migration agencies, research institutions, non-governmental organisations or representations and the so called national offices of international organisations EMN Partners and/or other relevant subjects, invited by the European Migration Network, are also allowed to participate in its sessions or the performance of tasks as well as other activities.