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European Migration Network

The European Migration Network has been operating since 2008 to provide the latest reliable and comparable information on migration and international protection. Through its publications of different studies, reports, analyses, brochures etc. the European migration Network presents its goals, tasks and activities to policy makers on the European and national level, as well as to broader public. The European Migration Network cooperates with different actors or EMN Partners in the field of migration and international protection such as the European Parliament, EU Agencies FRONTEX, EASO, FRA and EUROSTAT as well as the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). Ever since 2008 the European Migration Network has published more than 5100 documents dealing with various aspects of migration, for example: challenges concerning the management of uncontrolled migration flows, return and reintegration of third country nationals, provision of international protection and protection of vulnerable groups, entry and residence of third country nationals in EU, access to labour market by third country nationals, mobility of foreign researchers and students, family reunification of third country nationals, visa policy, cross-border police cooperation, human trafficking etc. The majority of these documents is available on the European Migration Network websites and this website under the domains Publications, News, Documents and EMN ad-hoc queries.

The European Migration Network is composed of the European Commission’s representatives and national contact points of Member States plus Norway as an associated member.

More information on the European Migration Network is available in the document EMN Information Leaflet.