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Information Analysis

Based upon the findings from EMN studies, national contact points reports, AHQ mechanism and other sources obtained through EMN partners (Eurostat, Frontex, EASO, FRA, JRC, etc.) The European Migration Network publishes various documents in which it analyses the situation in individual domains, subjects of the treatment. The purpose of EMN documents is to inform policy and decision makers on the EU and national levels, researches, media and public on certain problems and open issues concerning EU policies as well as legislation.

EMN publishes for each Member State the so called Country FactSheet in which it presents the latest information on the most important political as well as legislative novelties about migration ad asylum including the newest statistical data achieved in individual member states during the previous year. This document is used as a basis in discussions that take place in various working groups of EU Council, European Commission, European Parliament and during the sessions of EU delegations with third countries as well as foreign partners.

For specific topics to be dealt with which include migration and asylum (i.e. circular migration, reunification of a third country national’s family members, return, unaccompanied minors, foreign students, researchers etc.), EMN publishes the so called EMN Informs where it presents the results of analyses and findings obtained through various EMN documents (national reports, statistical reports and AHQs).

Besides studies, EMN also publishes short surveys, the so called EMN Policy Brief to present the actual situation including a specific geographical strategic policy, and so on. This involves a domain in which up to ten (or more) Member States cooperate, namely those that ate most affected by it.

EMN publishes also other documents. For more information see Documents.