//Examination of trends in migration and asylum
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Examination of trends in migration and asylum

The European Migration network publishes every year four EMN studies which deal with the various problems in the field of migration and asylum. On the proposal by national contact points and European Commission the topics of the studies are defined every year which are confirmed in the autumn session by the Steering Board. EMN endeavours every year to elaborate one of the so called “refreshed studies” which refers to an already made EMN study but contains fresh information based on which it is possible to asses the progress achieved (legislation, practice etc.) in the field examined in the study. EMN working group foe every individual study is composed of experts from MS, representatives of European Commission and EMN partners and determines the methodology as well as the common specification that present the main ground for elaborating the study.

National contact points elaborate their study in the form of the national report. For every study, the EMN Support Service in cooperation with national contact points and European Commission prepare the EMN common report, so called Synthesis Report as the analytical report of collected national reports which present the main trends and findings about legislative arrangements and practices in member States concerning the topic examined in the study. If appropriate EMN proposes individual measures for improving the application of the European legislation and presents the best practices related to an individual study. As an enclosure (or Annex) to an EMN Study the statistical report can be added. For every study a short version of key findings is also prepared in the form of the so called EMN Inform. The findings of EMN studies can be used in practice or included by analogy in the existing European and/or national legislation as well as/or policies.

Since 2006 the European Migration network has published 39 EMN studies. National Contact point Slovenia has been publishing EMN studies in its national reports since 2010. National report is elaborated in cooperation with a contractor selected under the rules on public procurement.

The latest EMN studies are published under the domain Publications.

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In addition to studies EMN publishes also other documents. More information is available under the domain Documents.