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EMN working groups

European Migration Network is working within different working groups such as working group for communicationa and dissemination, working group for annaul policy report, working group for EMN studies, working group for ad hoc quieries, working group for EMN glossary, etc.

Beside those, there are also special working groups such as;

  • Return Expert Group (REG) functions as a platform for practical cooperation and the sharing of good practice and expertise on return. The EMN REG provides a structure for planning, follow-up and monitoring of return activities in the EU. The EMN REG connects key stakeholders, including from Member States, representatives of EU funded programmes and when appropriate civil society. An Integrated Return Management Application (IRMA) facilitates Member States’ to collect operational statistics and information on return and readmission activities.
  • Platform of Statelessness ; The Platform aims to determine the state of play of statelessness in the European Union and raise awareness in regards with statelessness.

Integrated return management; under the EU integrated return management approach, the EMN Return expert group (REG) coordinates EU funded return programmes including EURINT and ERIN.

  • The European Integrated Return Management Initiative network (EURINT) develops a common European approach towards third countries with regard to return cooperation and operational arrangements. Emphasis is on improving the number of actual returns by obtaining a higher number of identity documents for irregular migrants.
  • The European Reintegration Network (ERIN) Specific Action Program is a joint return and reintegration Program that aims to implement sustainable return and reintegration of third country nationals in their country of origin, with further cooperation between ERIN partner institutions.

*Slovenia not participated in all mentioned working groups/platforms.