//EMN Annaul Report on Migration and Asylum

EMN Annaul Report on Migration and Asylum

Every year EMN publishes the so called EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum for the previous year in which it presents the progress in policies and the novelties in legislation as well as practice (EU and national) plus the results of public debates taking place in Member States and Norway. As the annex to the report EMN also publishes the annual statistical report, the so called Statistical Report. The annual report is elaborated based upon national reports the so called National Policy Report, prepared in advance by individual national contact points. EU Agencies also participate in the preparation of the annual report (EASO, Frontex, Eurostat) and European Commission.

The main chapters in the report are as follows:
1.) International protection including asylum;
2) Unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable groups
3.) Legal migration and mobility;
4.) Integration;
5.) Impact on the development of migrations and cooperation with third countries;
6.) Protection of EU external borders;
7.) Illegal migration and return;
8.) Activities in connection with human trafficking.

The last published EU annual report on migration and asylum is available under the domain News.

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*The European Migration Network endeavours to publish the latest reliable and comparable data and/or information on migrations and asylum. Under the Council Decision EU establishing the European Migration Network (2008/381/ES) the member states or national contact points and the European Commission have the authority to decide on the public availability of data and information therefore all the EMN documents are not publicly accessible, either on the EMN website, or the websites of national contact points.