EMN Annaul Report on Migration and Asylum

Every year EMN publishes the so called EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum for the previous year in which it presents the progress in policies and the novelties in legislation as well as practice (EU and national) plus the results of public debates taking place in Member States and Norway. As the annex to the [...]


EMN ad-hoc queries

EMN National Contact Points and the European Commission use ad-hoc queries to collect information from Member States and Norway in a relatively short time on a wide range of asylum- and migration-related issues, e.g. legal migration, irregular migration, borders, return, visas etc. The EMN produces compilations of the responses to ad-hoc queries, which rapidly assess [...]


EMN Studies

The EMN produces studies on topics of relevance to policymakers at national and EU levels to meet both their long-term and short-term information needs. Study topics are selected from proposals made by individual or groups of EMN NCPs and/or the European Commission. Topics may be proposed for in-depth, strategic studies with long-term relevance, or for [...]


EMN documents

The EMN produces a wide range of outputs each year, determined by multi-annual work programmes. An annual EMN Status Report is published each year which reports back on the progress of the EMN in implementing each of the EMN Work Programmes. EMN Country FactSheets setting out political and legislative developments in migration and international protection in [...]