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Nacionalna kontaktna točka Slovenije – dobrodošli
Welcome to the National Contact Point Slovenia

On the Slovenia’s national contact point website you will find all the necessary information concerning the operation of the European Migration Network, general information on the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) through which European resources are drawn for the EMN operation and the Slovenian national contact points, as well as information on EMN main activities.

The website provides access to the most recent EMN documents that offer updated, comparable and reliable information, as well as data on various aspects on asylum and migration. Some documents provide the analyses of the latest trends, application of legislation on the EU and/or national level as well as examples of best practice. In creating the EMN documents and in addition to the European Commission, there are 28 national contact points which participate, including the Slovenian national contact point, Norway as an associated member different EMN partners.

The latest EMN studies and national reports are published under the domain Publications.

The newest EU and EMN documents are published under the domain News.

Under the domain Documents there are different types of EMN documents, which are made from information and data collected with help of national contact points, European Commission and EMN Partners. At domain EMN ad-hoc queries there are rapid responses by Member States and Norway to different questions concerning legal migration policy, international protection, illegal migration, visa policy, integration, legislative arrangements, best practices etc. The domain EMN documents contains a compilation of different EMN documents (annual reports on migration and international protection, bulletins, EMN inform, etc.).

For assistance in understanding EU and EMN documents, under the domain EMN Glossary it is possible to find the explanation of key concepts regarding migration, international protection and their translation into EU official languages.

Under the domain Media there are the latest audio-visual publications connected with the European Migration Network operation, national contact points, European Commission and EMN partners.

Through the domain Events we will keep you informed on the most important events organised by the European Migration Network, national contact points, European Commission and EMN partners.

*The European Migration Network endeavours to publish the latest reliable and comparable data and/or information on migrations and asylum. Under the Council Decision EU establishing the European Migration Network (2008/381/ES) the member states or national contact points and the European Commission have the authority to decide on the public availability of data and information therefore all the EMN documents are not publicly accessible, either on the EMN website, or the websites of national contact points.