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EMN Steering Board

European migration network is managed by the Steering Board composed of one representative from each Member State and the European Commission and the European Parliament representative who participates as an observer. If appropriate, the representatives of other EU institutions and other subject could be invited to attend the Steering Board meetings.

The responsibilities of the Steering Board are as follows:

• It contributes proposals and orientations for the formation of multiannual programme and approves it;
• It approves European funds for EMN operation in the form of a total amount of the budget for the period defined in the above programme which includes the amount of resources for each NCP and the amount for the operation of EMN support services working within the European Commission;
• It reviews the progress and if appropriate prepares recommendations for urgent measures;
• At least once a year it provides a report to the European Parliament, Council, European Commission, European Economic and Social Economic Committee and Committee of Regions on the situation and tasks performed by EMN as well as on the main findings in its studies;
• It defines the most adequate strategic relations of cooperation with other subjects responsible for migration and asylum and if needed approves the procedural arrangements for this cooperation;
• It provides advice to NCPs on how to improve their operation and offers support in adopting the necessary measures if deficiencies in their work would have a negative impact on the work of EMN.

Slovenian representative in the EMN Steering Board is from the Ministry of the Interior: Helena Korošec