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Composition of Slovenian NCP

Under the Decision on the establishment of the EMN (2008/381/ES) the participation of EU Member States in EMN became obligatory. Central EMN operations are now performed by NCPs in 28 Member States and Norway as an associate member. Each NCP is a subject composed of at least three migration and asylum experts of who one works as the national coordinator and is an employee of the central subject, whereas the others may belong to this subject or other national public or private organisations with headquarters in the Member State. The majority of experts of NCPs are from responsible ministries dealing with migration and asylum issues and similar bodies or services dealing with the same problems such as the Police, Employment Service and Statistical Office. In certain NCPs there are representatives of different academic organisations, universities, international organisations, individual researchers etc.

Members of Slovenian National Contact Point and the member of the Steering Board are since 2008 appointed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the proposal of a relevant ministry which is the central NCP subject. As the central subject of NCP the Slovenian Government appointed in 2008 the Ministry of Interior. Before 2008 and inter-departmental group operated under a pilot project composed of different ministries responsible for migration.

Since 2008, the composition of the Slovenian NCPS has been constantly modified due to the needs and extension of EMN activities. The last modification was approved by the Slovenian Government under the Decision of 27th March 2014. Currently the Slovenian NCP is composed of ten experts from different ministries responsible for migration and asylum: Ministry of Interior and Police, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

National Coordinator:
Nataša Potočnik, Ministry of Interior
Deputy National Coordinator:
Helena Korošec, Ministry of Interior
Darja Pokrivač, Ministry of Interior
Metka Lumbar, Ministry of Interior
Sandi Čurin, Ministry of Interior
Robert Vaupotič, Ministry of Interior
Darjo Cizel, Ministry of Interior, Police
Andrej Casar, Ministry of Interior, Police
Grega Malec, Ministry of labour, family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
Anton Pirih, Ministry of Foreign Affairs