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Foreigners in Slovenia

Since Slovenia became a member of the European Union foreigners in Slovenia are divided into two larger groups which differ according to the manners and conditions for entering Slovenia – nationals of the European Economic Area member states (EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and third country nationals, non-EU citizens. Entry, residence, integration of foreigners and the protection of refugees in Slovenia are governed by the legal instruments such as the Citizenship Act of the Republic of Slovenia, Aliens Act, International Protection Act, Regulation on integration programmes, Employment and Work of Aliens Act and other laws and executive rules. For more information please see here.

On 31 December 2017 2016 135,536 foreigners in Slovenia had a valid residence permit or certificate on registered residence. Majority were citizens from Bosnia and Hercegovina (58,355), Kosovo (16,580), Srbia (13,088), Macedonia (12,038) and in smaller number citizens from Russian federation, Ukraine, China, Montenegro, United State and Thailand. In the framework of the European Economic Area (EEA) majority of residence permit holders were citizens of Croatia (10.855), Bulgaria (4.147), Italy (2.804), Germany (1.135), Slovak Republic (742), Hungary (724), Romania (609), the United Kingdom (576), Austria (511) and Poland (415). Comparing with 2015 number of valid permanent residence permits issued to third country nationals and valid temporary residence permits issued to third country nationals increased in 2016.

In area of international protection in 2016, 170 persons granted international protection status of which 138 were granted the refugee status and 32 subsidiary protection. The majority of international protection status were granted to citizens of Syria (88), following Iraq (29), Eritrea (22), Afganistan (14), Iran (12) and Kazakhstan (5). Special categeory were persons granted international protection who arrived in Republic of Slovenia from Italy and Greece in relocation procedure in 2016. From all 124 applicants, 87 granted refugee status, 53 were from Syria, 22 from Eritrea and 12 from Iraq.

Fore more information please see Report on working field of Migration, International Protection and Integration for 2016.

Information about conditions for issuing residence permit for foreigners and their family members who wish to reside and work in Slovenia please following:
For third country nationals, non-EU citizens;
For citizens EEA/EU.

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