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Purpose of EMN

European Migration Network was established on 14th May 2008 based on the Decision of European Council and Parliament on the establishment of European Migration Network (2008/381/ES) with purpose to ensure to the EU institutions and to EU Member States up-to date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum topics on EU and Member State level. European Migration Network contains from representatives of the European Commission, Directorate General for Home Affairs and Migration and representatives of Member States and Norway in form of subject National Contact Points.

Main tasks of the European Migration Network is collecting, analysing and documenting information on migration and asylum developments as support to different policy makers in order to developing EU migration policy and national policies of the Member States. EMN documents and information are available also to the general public and other stakeholders in form of different publications such as EMN studies, annual reports on migration and asylum developments, statistical data, bulletins, brochures, handbooks, etc. EMN Documents are available at the main website of the European Migration Network/European Commission (DG Home Affairs and Migration), on EMN National Contact Points websites as well as at Slovenian National Contact Point website.