In the beginning of the new working year the National Contact Points need to prepare an analytical report on novelties and trends in the area of migration and asylum during the previous year – Activity Report on Migration and Asylum and by the first three months also the Statistical Report. By the end of the first six months they prepare also a short policy report on migration and asylum – Annual Policy Report to inform the European Commission, national Parliament, Government and public on the main policy changes and progress concerning migration and asylum which are not necessarily related only to the EU policies but especially to national policy of an individual Member States. Reports could contain for example bilateral international cooperation with third countries and various national projects, such as the awareness about different forms of abusing the migrants, refugee projects and representatives of other ethnic communities, media campaigns etc. Each NCP decided separately in which form will publishe reports and information, publishing those information is not obligatory for NCPs.

For the purposes of exchanging rapid information the so called EMN Ad-Hoc Queries system has been operating since 2008 through which the National Contact Points and the European Commission exchange various information and data on institutional arrangements, policy, legislation, transfer and implementation of EU directives, practices, cross-border cooperation and on integration etc. Since 2008 there have been round 600 Ad-Hoc Queries elaborated. The majority is due to the data protection available only to National Contact Points and the European Commission, some of them are published at EMN AHQ.