//Examination of migration and asylum trends
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Examination of migration and asylum trends

Every year European Migration Network has to perform at least two national studies including the problems of migration and asylum. On the proposal of National Contact Points and the European Commission the contents is defined every year as well as the number of studies which are approved by the Steering Board during the autumn session. A special working group for every study is established, composed of different experts from Member States and European Commission representatives that determines the methodology and prepares a common specification which serves as a basis for the elaboration of the study. Every year on average EMN elaborates four studies dealing with migration and asylum problems from various aspects.

National Contact Points elaborate the study in the form of a national report and the European Commission support service prepares in cooperation with National Contact Points for every individual study the so called Synthesis Report as an analytical report which presents main trends and warns about potential legislative and practical differences among Member States. If appropriate it also suggests individual measures for improving the implementation of the EU legislation and presents the best practices in the area related to the individual study.

Since 2006, European migration Network has been published altogether 31 EMN Synthesis Reports on studies. Slovenia has been cooperated since 2009 also with its national report. EMN endeavours to elaborate every year at least one “refreshment study” concerniong the already elaborated study and contains updated information based on which it can assess the progress in the areas dealt with in the study.

Recent published EMN Studies, Synthesis Reports, National Reports and common specifications from 2006 on are available at domain Home or/and domain Publications. All EMN studies are available here.

* Decision on publication of national report is taken by each NCP separately for that reason all national reports/studies are not available at European Commission/DG Home/EMN and SI NCP website.