//EU Annual Policy Report on Migration and Asylum

EU Annual Policy Report on Migration and Asylum

The EMN produces yearly Annual Policy Reports, which outline the most significant political and legislative (including EU) developments, as well as public debates, in the areas of migration and asylum, within the Member States and Norway. EU Annual Report is produced by contributions of national policy reports of EMN NCPs and Norway. The special EMN working group prescribes a structure of national report which contains from three main documents such as: Part 1. – Report on implementation of the EU policies, Part 2. – Report on implementation of national policies and international obligations (projects, agreements, twinning, etc.) and Statistical report (Annex). National Policy Reports also serve to specific national needs so their structure remain flexible in order to adjust it to the national audiences. European Commission and EU Agencies (such as Frontex, EASO, FRA, Eurostat) contributes their part into the EU Annual Policy Report as well.

The main Chapters that EU Annual Report contains are the following:
1.) International Protection including Asylum;
2.) Unaccompanied Minors and other vulnerable groups;
3.) Legal Migration and Mobility;
4.) Integration;
5.) Maximizing the development impact on Migration and Mobility;
6.) Securing EU external borders;
7.) Irregular Migration and Return;
8.) Action relating Trafficking in Human Beings.

EU Annual Policy Report on Migration and Asylum 2016 and Statistical Report are available on domain “News” or here. Database of all published EU annual reports, statistical reports and national reports are available here.

For each Member States and Norway EMN published summary of their national reports in a document Country FactSheet. Databased of all EMN Country FactSheets are available here.

*** European Migration Network and National Contact Points plays a key role in providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum topics to policy makers (at EU and Member State level) and to general public. However, the Council Decision on legal basis on establishing the EMN (2008/381/EC) provides to the EMN and Member States – National Contact Points a right to take decision on restriction and/or to not publish specific information, data and/or documents. Some EMN documents might not be available at the main EMN web site (European Commission) or at national NCP’s websites.