//EMN – Studies

EMN – Studies

The EMN produces Studies on topics of relevance to policymakers at national and EU levels to meet both their long-term and short-term information needs. Study Topics are selected from proposals made by individual or groups of EMN NCPs and/or the European Commission. Topics may be proposed for in-depth, strategic studies with long-term relevance, or for shorter, focussed studies, responding to short term information needs. On selection of a Study Topic, each EMN NCP produces a National Report following Common Specifications that are developed to facilitate comparability across countries. A comparative Synthesis Report is then produced bringing together the main findings from the national reports and placing these within an EU perspective.

Recent published EMN – studies, synthesis reports, national reports are available at domain Publications. Database of all published EMN – studies, synthesis report and national reports are available here.

*** European Migration Network and National Contact Points plays a key role in providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum topics to policy makers (at EU and Member State level) and the general public. However, the Council Decision on legal basis on establishing the EMN (2008/381/EC) provides to EMN and Member States – National Contact Points right to take decision on restriction and/or not publish specific information, data and/or documents, so all EMN document are not available at the main EMN web site (European Commission) or at national NCP’s websites. Slovenian National Contact Point publishing EMN studies from 2010 on.