On 27th September 2017 the Commission introduced reviewed progress on the 2015 European Agenda on Migration and next steps to put in place the missing elements of a stronger, fairer and more effective EU migration and asylum policy. Building on the progress achieved so far, the Commission presented series of new initiatives in four key EU policy areas as following:

  1. ) a new resettlement scheme for at least 50,000 refugees;
  2. ) a pilot projects for legal migration which the Commission can help finance and coordinate;
  3. ) a new measures to make the EU’s return policy more effective;
  4. ) called Member States to urgently make progress on the reform of the Common European Asylum System and make further efforts to work with countries of origin and transit of migration, in particular by providing additional contributions to the EU Trust Fund for Africa.                   

Communication from the European Commission on the Delivery of the European Agenda on Migration is available here. All relevant documents, reports are available here.